Technical Writer/Content Designer

20+ years of experience designing, writing, developing, updating, and publishing with Enterprise tools such as Adobe FrameMaker, WordPress, ServiceNow, Confluence, custom HTML and jQuery, and other XML and JavaScript documentation tools.

  • Content such as Requests for Proposals, Proposals, business specifications, Business Requirements Statements, IT Functional Specifications, Technical articles, Knowledge Base articles, Software documentation, online help, CMS web publishing, IT procedures, templates, policy documentation, technical specifications, web content, user guides, Installation guides, software manuals and online help documentation, user manuals, detailed tutorials and reference machining, policy, and technical procedures
  • Familiar with Governance processes and storage requirements for many industries – familiar with many archive systems, SharePoint, Confluence, custom sites, etc.
  • Information Mapping and Simplified Technical English (STE)
  • Author and self-published:

IT Infrastructure

SDLC, Business and Technology

Can perform many IT tasks and familiar with Installation, upgrades and migrations of Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu Linux; Building computers, network cabling, router configuration, Provide Help desk support, and comfortable as a call center technician for Xircom and GoDaddy

Performed many server tasks, can install web development environments and manage all aspects of web or print branding or content management.

Experience with small and large IT groups

Familiar with command line, FTP, PHP, MySQL, setup and fixing of WordPress

Expert in malware removal for WordPress

Manage all aspects of Domain and Web portals

Graphic/Web Technologies

Creating brochures, posters, flyers, banners, business cards, and many other print and web design

  • Icons, User Interface and User Experience (UX) design and prototyping, logo design
  • Managing Print and publishing for all types of content: Books, posters, business cards, cover designs, album covers and working with print vendors
  • Adobe Photoshop guru, Quark Express/Passport 3.0-5.0
  • Managed the customer service and safety departments
  • HTML/CSS and web analyst and SEO expert
  • Multi-channel Digital artist

Software QA/UX Design/Application Engineer

9 years of experience as a lead software QA engineer and application engineer in custom application environment testing and designing user interface for CAD/CAM simulation software SDLC, responsible for testing and approving all software releases, Regression and integration testing of all defects and enhancements


American Express (July 2021 – October 2021)

Big Data Developer focused on the next generation of GDHA Hadoop Spark development, data protection, and ingestion. Working with key decision makers to enable services, design workstreams, and document and communicate the organization.

Vantage Mobility International (December 2019 – June 2021)

Manufacturing Engineer – Technical Publications Specialist documenting manufacturing processes and coordinating engineering documentation with production work. CMS tool and web authoring content with Dozuki.

Beauty Storytelling (December 2017 – 2019)

Author and interface director of an interface and storytelling company that has long term plans to engage new media and storytelling techniques to engage more customers and generally improve the value of all products with a clearly defined methodology. Creatively managed multiple WordPress and HTML only sites. Security of content and the ability to respond with limited creative resources. Products include UI, UX, and future device planning for software interfaces. Fiction author – Journal of the Doctor

GoDaddy (June 2015 to December 2017 – Fulltime)

Hosting Sales and Support for Inbound customer calls regarding technical support for web hosting, virtual and dedicated servers, Office 365 Email, Linux, and Windows Plesk environments. Helped troubleshoot and guide product awareness for customers. Trained a variety of personalities to interface with technical interfaces. Expert in WordPress configuration and diagnostics. Fluent with customer support complexities and dealing with a variety of customers effectively while protecting brand.

Wells Fargo (August 2014 to February 2015, Contract)

Technical Writer and SharePoint content developer for VoIP (IVR Dev/QA) multi-data center test facilities operational management processes and procedures for a 10M testing and production simulation for all Wells Fargo voice and call handling technology and computer integration testing and validation in the infrastructure. Developed custom SharePoint content for the Unified Communications Test Environment for Procedure documentation and quality control for multiple lines of business.

American Capital Realty Trust (June 2014 Contract)

Created UI Design for a Web UI for a crowd investment site ( – This was a template design for the layout of the internal reporting tool for investors.

Century Link / AZNet II State of Arizona (April 2014 to May 2014 Contract)

Complete the VoIP design, process, procedures and standards documentation for all new hardware and LAN WAN specifications for the new State of Arizona telecommunications Cisco upgrade and contract with Century Link Edited and prepared all documents for submission of the AZNet II specs.

Rural/Metro, Scottsdale, AZ (November 2013 to March 2014 Contract)

Created the winning contract Proposal for the City of Buffalo ambulance and EMS services which gained the company a 5B contract (SAMPLE AVAILABLE)

Yulex, Chandler, AZ (August 2013 to October 2013 Contract)

Technical Writer for Engineering Department– Responsible for documenting the entire facility and machine specifications to build a duplicate facility that manufactures licensed patented processes for sale to a European interest, created and updated design specifications and process guidelines for high level documentation to machine specs so that alternative machine choices could be researched and purchased for a new facility build conforming documents to a single standard with Simplified English and Information Mapping to rebuild current documentation

Department of Revenue, Phoenix, AZ (April 2013 to June 2013 Contract)

Technical Writer for the IT Department– As the sole technical writer for all IT documentation issues for User Guidelines, Procedures, Templates, Charters, process analysis and assisting with business practice improvements using Government systems and standard best practices including SharePoint developed and wrote business practices guides for purchasing and designing of new IT system architectures

Zidiax, remote (December 2012 to April 2013 Contract)

Marketing and Network Administration for a communications consulting company, including development of network infrastructure, customer dial plans, corporate image and identity and website and a, cloud based solutions architecture documentation and marketing collateral

American Express, Phoenix, AZ (September 2011 to December 2012 Contract)

Technical Writer for the Global Network Business– As the lead technical writer for all auxiliary documentation responsible for various documentation types: manuals, templates, policy, specifications, Code references, product guides, and submission guides, managing updates and publishing using Adobe FrameMaker 11, SDL Tridion for various participant bank specifications using tools such as and building team sites in SharePoint

Zidiax, New York, NY (November 2009 to April 2011 Contract)

Marketing and Network Administration for a communications consulting company, network architecture, customer help guides, web content and Wiki content for customers and employee documentation using MediaWiki, WordPress and Drupal

Elixir Interactive, Scottsdale, AZ (August 2009 to October 2009 Contract)

Web designer and technical writer, designed and developed the User Interface (UI) for (now, an SEO tool in Dreamweaver, from a PHP backend, with AJAX and Flash integration creating and writing all help documentation and front end of a PHP SEO application. The application was later sold for over 8M as SYCARA

Galloway Plastics, Lake Bluff, IL (April 2009 to July 2009 Contract)

Project Manager for a rapid prototyping company managing the Direct Metal Laser Sintering department, designed estimate sheets, sales and fulfillment documents, processes and training manuals for new users and created ISO9000 procedures for production

Gibbs & Associates, Moorpark, CA (January 2000 to March 2009)

Technical Writer, as the Multilingual Technical Document Publications Specialist and Software QA and UI designer for a CAD/CAM software: designed, wrote, and edited 25 software guides in 9 languages per year (from Asian to Eastern European) using Quark Express, Adobe FrameMaker 6-8, Photoshop and Illustrator to write and design graphic references and tutorial guides and producing the same user guides and technical illustrations in each localized language, reduced costs generated while printing each book using design and efficiency skills to save the company over 100k per year after implementation of the new content design (sample books are available during in-person interview)

Hanco Entertainment, Thousand Oaks, CA (August 1999 to November 1999 Contract)

Network Administrator, Content developer, Webmaster for an internet multimedia company: designing and maintaining the companies’ various internet businesses and writing content for the various web sites used for marketing and traffic direction using HTML, Adobe Photoshop and JavaScript

IT Administrator for various companies (February 1998 to August 1999 Contract)

St Francis Medical Center, Santa Barbara, CA—Exchange email migration for 450 users

Autologic Information International(AGFA), Thousand Oaks, CA—Y2K preparation for Windows 2000

Pinellas County Government, Clearwater, FL—Novell client upgrade

Marriott Corp., Lakeland, FL—500 user system upgrade

Price Waterhouse (, Tampa, FL—Token Ring to Ethernet migration

Bausch and Lomb, Tampa, FL—350 user system upgrade

Intermedia Solutions Inc., Tampa, FL (November 1996 to July 1997)

PC technician and web designer for a computer store designing and writing Web content for customers during the beginning of the Information Age such as pet stores, restaurants and information sites

U.S. Air Force (August 1992 February 1998—Honorably Discharged)

Chief Visual Information Journeyman; working in a graphics department, photo lab, and video studio; producing graphic slides, print material, photos, and video documentation for various military applications. Also served as Staff Trainer, Customer Service Manager, Department Safety Advisor, and Vehicle Maintenance Manager using software such as CorelDraw 3.0-9.0, PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics and hardware such as LEAF film scanners and recorders to produce slide shows and presentations as well as posters and graphics for various military and civil applications, produced logos and artwork for many squadrons and teams


2001-04 Moorpark Community College, CA—20 credits with a 4.0 in Computer Science C, C++ and Japanese

1995 Graduated, U.S. Air Force, Visual Information Journeyman School

1993 Graduated, U.S. Air Force, Visual Information Specialist School

1992 Graduated, Phoenix Institute of Technology, Advertising and Graphic Design

Awards and Recognition

Rural Metro – My 2014 Buffalo proposal awarded the company a 5B contract

Author and coauthor of several technical books from GibbsCAM


Beauty, and the Art of Storytelling – December 2016

Journal of the Doctor – December 2017


Written samples of books and design work available in person or through links below. This single PDF shows most of my work: Portfolio1

Gibbs and Associates

GibbsCAM 5 Axis Machining Manual:

GibbsCAM Mill Turn Manual

GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer Manual

GibbsCAM Wizards Guide

Interface changes I inspired can be seen in this video:

Graphic and UI Design Portfolio Samples

Assorted samples