Charles Kindall is a Martial Artist, author, and musician. He was born in Columbia Missouri. He currently lives in Phoenix Arizona. Where he practices and teaches the very unique art of Tongsau Gong fu (kung fu).

Charles Kindall is the author of the book, Beauty and the Art of Storytelling–a biblical epilogue of the concepts and purpose of Beauty. This book is meant to guide a counselor in the realm of understanding Beauty theologically, and how story works on a biblical scale. A truly life changing experience.

In 2017 he authored a new fictional book–The Journal of the Doctor.

Both are now available on Amazon.

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Tell a beautiful story everywhere. Even in the midst of great darkness. That is what God does.

This book is available in 3 formats:

Unabridged Raw, found only at

and the Amazon reduced version and Kindle.

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Amazon version

The Amazon kindle version is free if you are and Unlimited subscriber, but it needs a little work, as the quotes didn’t come through formatting very well. It will need to be reformatted when all the edit suggestions are compiled.


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Journal of the Doctor

The Journal of The Doctor is the attempt at creating a compelling method of storytelling that can engage a large audience to pierce the darkness. With symbolic storytelling based on Biblical counseling, it expresses a hopeful future using art, music, and martial arts into one complex story based on design concepts, and inspiration such as Samuel Clemens and other historical figures into one unique story. There is no kindle version of this story but there is a Youtube channel for it.